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Burnaby Air Conditioning Car Repair Mistake you should drop in 2019

As long as your car is moving, taking it for checks and maintenance seems like a waste of time and money. Wait until it breaks down, you will have to break the bank to clear up the repair costs. Just like you should go for regular doctor visits even when you are not sick, cars often need maintenance and inspections by auto experts. Auto owners are making gross mistakes with their vehicles; putting their lives in danger and risking paying a fortune in repairs. To save you from the pitfalls of ignorance, overconfidence, and negligence; here are car repair and maintenance mistakes you should stop making;

Ignoring regular Inspections and Maintenance

Auto manufacturers know better how your car works than you will ever even after owning it for a decade. When they insist on routine maintenance and inspections, it is for your benefit. Ignoring Burnaby Auto Air Conditioning Repairs directives will only seem right for a short while until your car begins to show its endless appetite for breakdowns and costly repairs.
The cycle for changing engine oil may come once in a year, but that does not rule out monthly checks for the oil level. Likewise, tire pressure keeps changing with the seasons; thus you should do weekly pressure checks.

Turning a blind eye to tear and wear

Almost everything in your car will wear out one way or the other. The tires, transmission components, the braking system parts, bulbs and so forth will all face the wrath of depreciation. While some tear and wear will clearly show, some others are hardly noticeable. Act on those signs and for those you can scarcely discern, let your local repair shop technician help. Take your ride for monthly inspections and before going a long journey.

Dismissing recalls

As much as you have total trust in your automaker, they are humans and sometimes make gross mistakes. It is such mistakes which lead to defaults forcing manufacturers to announce a recall for the affected models. Your car may not show the remotest signs of those defects. It is natural that you would insist on retaining your car, but you are putting yourself and others in lots of danger. Do the honorable thing; return the vehicle for the fixes since it does not take ages for the repairs.

Using any engine oil you come across

There is a reason why your engine oil is 5W-20 and not 0W-20. You should stick to whatever oil recommended by the automaker. Going for a heavy option instead of the light type will starve some critical components, force a high engine load and lead to a surge in fuel consumption. On the other hand, light instead of heavy type decreases oil pressure and oil burning goes past the rings. It is not a risk worth taking. Stick to the recommendations from your manufacturers. It is the same case with all other fluids; you have to stick with what the manufacturer recommends specifically.

Going for cheap repair options

There is no denying that some auto repairs and parts can be costly. Whenever you get a shortcut to save, the temptation to take it is always massive. However, you should know that cheap is still expensive in the long run. Genuine parts may be costly, but their performance and durability will compensate for it. A good auto repair expert may charge more, but he will give you back the value of every dime you spend.

Using Google for diagnosing auto problems

The internet has been a big help in all spectrums. It provides chunks of information that you can use to make decisions. However, some issues are too critical to rely on Google to offer solutions. For instance, trusting your car diagnosis with Google information is like taking a jump from a high wall hoping that the ground beneath will give you a soft landing.
Auto-diagnosis is not a matter of second guesses. It needs the scrutiny of an expert to pinpoint the exact problem and offer the appropriate solution. Getting everything right in the first instance will save you money and time.

Wrap up

Stop making costly car repair mistakes. Follow the recommendations of your automaker and find an auto mechanic you can trust. This way, it becomes effortless and stress-free to own a car.